Kiwi fruit fresh, juicy, nutritious
from our farm to you

Kiwi Fruit

Arunachal Pradesh provides the ideal conditions for growing kiwifruit. Plentiful sunshine, rain and just the right amount of chill in the winter.

Kiwifruit vines thrive in fertile, moist soils that are free draining and contain pH levels between 5.0 and 6.8. Arunachal Pradesh’s favorable temperate climate and soil produces ideal growing conditions, in an environment that growers respect and protect.

But it’s not just the climate and soil that makes our Kiwifruit one of the best. The goodness of our kiwifruit comes from our unique growing process that covers every stage of the journey, from seed to your plate.

Our highest quality standards ensure that only the best procedures are used in growing our kiwifruit. From the best edge orchard management techniques to supply chain management, we make sure that our Kiwifruits are delivered in perfect condition — always!